Seasonal Plantings and Perennial Care

The season for garden care typically starts in late March and continues, periodically, into December. During this time there is significant work to be performed in the perennial garden: spring clean-up, fertilization, compost application, division, deadheading, weeding, staking, insect and disease management, cutting back and winterizing are all on-going activities. Spring and fall tend to be more active than other months, but there is always work that can be done to ensure the greatest flower production and best plant health possible.

During the growing season there are many opportunities to complement perennial and mixed beds with freely flowering annuals. Widestone works with the finest local growers and can select beautiful seasonal plants to add an additional layer of color to your garden.


Structural and Aesthetic Pruning

Pruning of woody material and ornamental trees is critical for their health and your enjoyment. There are two basic approaches to pruning that Widestone employs. Structural pruning is performed for the health of the plant to eliminate weak, unhealthy, and improper growth. Aesthetic pruning improves the visual appearance of the plant by eliminating crossing branches, opening up dense growth, shaping to a desired form or height, as well as correcting many other visual issues.

Garden Design and Restoration

Widestones approach to managing gardens is deeply rooted in serving and preserving the aesthetic goals of the design intent. We also have the ability to restore older gardens that have lost their definition over time. Through intense garden care, pruning, plant replacement and repair or renovation of hardscape through our relationships with excellent contractors, we can bring life back to well-designed gardens that may have been neglected over time.

We also have on staff talented designers capable of handling any aspect of new garden design. From designing a small cutting garden or perennial bed to larger design projects, Widestone can work with you to handle most any design need.

Terrace and Container Planting

Widestone has a specialized team dedicated to container design and planting. We work with you to develop a planting scheme to compliment your home and enhance your outdoor living experience using our Property Profile Plan, weto manage this scheme and keep a history of our work that we can refer to in the future.

There are typically four distinct seasons for which containers can be planted.

The spring season is early April to the middle of May and the plants are typically forced spring bulbs and some frost resistant trailing plants. This early season brings great pleasure to our clients, as there is often little activity in the garden and these bright colors build anticipation for the coming season.

The summer season from the middle of May to the end of August dictates heat tolerant plants. Containers are designed based upon your garden and your specific tastes and desires. Since this is a long growing season, there are occasional changes in plants to keep containers fresh and full.

Fall is a change back to cooler weather plants that will have the hardiness to last from September through November. There are many exciting choices for the fall that can keep containers colorful and interesting.

The winter season continues from December to the end of March. Cut greens, berries, fruits, colorful twigs and branches abundantly fill our client's containers through this season. Widestone works with some excellent suppliers of non-typical greens to complement the more traditional palette of material. We can create for you texturally rich arrangements that will remain attractive throughout the season.


Garden Installation

Widestone has a broad expertise in the landscape with a focus primarily on perennials, shrubs and ornamental trees. We have a great deal of experience with both large and small installations, and given our focus on the smaller, more delicate material, we often work seamlessly with other contractors when larger installation is required. This work can include large plants, hardscape (walls, walkways, terraces, etc.), irrigation, lighting, fences and any other aspect of an installation.


Holiday Decorating

In November for Thanksgiving, and December for the myriad of holidays Widestone decorates many of its client's properties with lights, festive greens, berries, fruits, swags, wreaths, garlands and more. We work closely with you to determine your tastes and desires. Our talented and imaginative staff design and create wreaths, swags and other unique decorations, and we will work with you to devise a decorating plan that is right for you.


Garden Consultation and Analysis

Often times our relationship with a client begins by helping them to understand what is happening in their landscape. We identify existing problems, from poor or challenging conditions to negligent maintenance practices. We will inventory plants in a landscape, determine their condition, and build a roadmap to their renewed health and vigor.